Garage Loft by Urfan Mammadov

Today’s feature is a design of a garage loft made by Urfan Mammadov, an architect from Azerbaijan. Garage loft is designed to deliver more than just sheltered parking. It generally offer a parking area on the main level for one to four vehicles and storage space in the form of an upstairs loft. Read on and enjoy!

Architect Le Corbusier, one of the pillars of modernist architecture students unyan advice carrier says the car for the first projects, issues such as capsules layihələndirin houses. The minimum that is necessary for human life, above all, learn lifestyle. These words inspired the establishment of a project dedicated to the lifestyle of a family have the most minimal and modern ways of life to what extent the possibility of an alternative to the family research.

– Urfan Mammadov


This machine is very widespread in the garage for 2 or 3 people and so I decided to place a small family, a project was set up.

– Urfan Mammadov


Prototype is a neighborhood garage, the garage and took the inside dimensions of 4 × 6 m. And here, kitchen, lounge, dining, bath, bed, said parts of the organization of living a normal man tried to solve the problem. And I’m sure ozluyumdə that normal life is really possible to build such a small space.

– Urfan Mammadov


Although the prototype entry garage, a few of the existing mid-level garages can be used by Azerbaijanis. In one case, we will be able to create a home loft style, ie Architecture kontranst create modernizing old, so old and aesthetics of this type, in fact, we do not really need a garage garage. Thus, the architect of the modern world that responds to touch təbələrinə of course, the architect of the delightful gifts for the unexplained. To appreciate that there is a mixed, worked at several options, both technically and aesthetically, as well as ergonomic as possible for the architect to find inspiration laws. Let’s take a look at the changes and additions to the plan, then we have achieved:

– Urfan Mammadov


1 yard (Yard)

2 Introduction (Access)

3 Kitchen Bar (Kitchen bar)

4 Wardrobe (Wardrobe)

5 Kitchen (Kitchen)

6 dining table (Dining Room)

Recreation section 7 (Living-room)

8 Bathroom (Bath room)

9 Library (Library)

10 Bedroom (Bed room)

As can be seen in the corners of the house plans are just a corner of the rooms can be a part or for the use of others in the same space can be used for several purposes. For example, a recreation room for the night in an extra 1 or 2 people can use, the table can also be used as a desk to work at other times of the day and so on.

– Urfan Mammadov


Pay attention to a single part of the house there is nothing more or less than, in contrast to a normal life despite the smaller sizes were all those in need. Of course, such an ordinary life, has not undergone any changes in the garage where you can buy, but it would not be so effective. Therefore, the upper portion of the bare concrete garage with the increasing volume of the reinforced concrete structure, the building gave the architect of mind. Moreover, the volume ratio of 4 bedrooms designed hand corner of the pitch and never hung.

The increased volume form adapted to the climate. So, rainy climate in the country, which has a sloping roof, there is a need for the flow of water from rain and snow, so I gave reclining set of checkers. This modern and traditional architecture to breathe. Apart from a general point of view of the country’s natural daylight illumination of the requirements that have to solve them using this form and amount of light could not get what I want. After a little bit about it.

– Urfan Mammadov


Windows and facades of the two sides plan to pay attention, you can see that there is no majority, and the other two sides. Baku’s climate is ideal for garage by clicking the reason is that direction. So, looking at the east entrance of the garage. So should access to the kitchen and the bedroom that morning, the sun’s energy can be fed. In addition, during the summer months you can eat breakfast in the east to the sun make-yard and the yard early in the morning, late at night to relax at specific times, such as at the table. At the same time, both inside the house during the summer months, but also can be used as outer space. To do this, the garage door has been designed in such a way that it folded Zig-Zag, this part of the house leads to a completely open. Imagine, entered the house directly to the yield of summer days at home creates a special vitality. When the garage door closed, the door of the small windows on the house is light and fresh air. This type of gate is fully open windows and doors in the shadow of plants and trees in the yard at the same time reducing the interior admits a positive person.

– Urfan Mammadov


In the south and the north-facing side of the house is completely optional. Qarajlarla neighbors, as well as the windowless facade. The reason for this is harmful to the south of the country and a strong north wind and the sun. In this way, in addition to the house in the summer heat, and add the cold winter months, we are taken to prevent it from entering the inside. West facing windows included in the section. It is here, in one of the windows, and the other in the bathroom. In general, although the resolution of the bathroom window, but the block of the image, but in light of the specific elements of the interior volume can be more lively and enjoyable. Therefore posted small window in the bathroom.

– Urfan Mammadov


The stairs are straight out of the window the other end of the red light of day in the West, and the window will be rounded off to the window-shade will light ellipssəkilli. In parallel, the designation of the window, the man steps to prevent the salt walls suddenly encounter, and to invite people to look away. The latter, in particular, on the west window of the bedroom emotional, romantic sunset aims to bring light to the interior. Thus, there is no place in the dark at home.

– Urfan Mammadov


Expanding the form at the top of the building, not only in terms of climate, as well as the shape of the interior cavity can be considered successful in terms of the solution. Thus, the main side of the field increased to the highest point of targeting, the underlying idea of ​​the visual context of the wider interior sleep successful. It covers the whole field of the sun in the East. The exterior of the building form adds charm and charisma.

– Urfan Mammadov


So like it or not, the house is a home interior minimalist style layihələndiririksə doomed to compile. In fact, this is not a conviction, a kind of pleasure for the twenty-first century architect. Because of this house has a specific purpose, Azerbaijanis bring a new lifestyle. Our society is developing slowly in the style of minimalism. The reason being East and vibrant, colorful interior is derived from the above aim. Given the nature of the nation that it should minimalism, oriental man to be happy living there. Therefore, although the strength to reach the hyper-minimalist design, interior view of the specific heat sərqlini living there, we are forced to add vitality. But in this case you need to make the right solution, Architecture, architect forgetting belief. However, “I’m going to sell” with the idea as a trader but as a higher desire to make people happy with, you need to add a little salt to the interior.

Therefore, at a cost of cheap materials, vibrant, colorful custom furniture, details of which can create accent lighting, the use of objects such as chairs had to be. I got the usual white color to paint the walls of your home that may be wider. Of course, here in white, white interior light would be a lot though. Therefore, the color of the interior of the house is a little gray and blue shades adding white paint are supposed to set the soft tone. If the concrete floor would house more minimalist look. But the harsh winter climate in the country in terms of the selection of this one will not be so lucky. Therefore, prefabricated floor are meant to be mutually exclusive flooring. As shown in Eskizdən, home walls, floor and ceiling in the colorless, increased walls and furniture with special suxlugu has selected colors. Wooden staircase in order to view the material as well as hot, but inside the metal frame system is designed. Both allow viewing of the interior staircase heykəlvari as an object, as well as creating a functional solution to small space creates a great opportunity. Special emphasis is now used as pilləklənlər interiors of this type, but it was our interior design of this necessity. Otherwise, the top of the stairs that do not meet standards, the solution had to be addressed. It would be quite wrong for human life.
– Urfan Mammadov


So for living alone in a house, but also can serve as a workshop for artists. I think that this is an art that creative people at home, others can develop a step in a different way. Architecture of people form all the time. Especially creative people live, in the period predating the innovation workshop will create a tendency, if the people who live there can do more good prospects.

– Urfan Mammadov


If we look at the materials of the facade of the house, although there is a small object, and they are 3 kinds of different facade of the material is in no way incompatible with each other. The facade of the house itself, which is the first to get the white surface would like to draw your attention to the small bulges. Spontaneous development of an ordinary plaster with a trowel and his dum painting with white paint, light-shadow, has the power to create koloritlik successful in terms of city positions. Moreover, this type of architecture spontaneous coated never been stable, with the sun every minute change of address, and we will be shifting. This is more alive in the house, is more colorful. Part of the increased demand for high-quality maintenance of the surface of the concrete building. The concrete is poured into the mold outside the building can be attached. That are required in the preparation of the concrete unit, heat and water insulation shall be taken into account. Third, the facade of the material, which is the absolute path to the stairs that volume, it cheery, red is a little frivolous, I imagine. This is the color that should be playing even a little pink, and white plaster facade of concrete can give to breathe, remove, and building your own suxlugunu boguculugu, attractiveness should display. Architecture of this “salt of the building,” say.

– Urfan Mammadov


Black metal garage door needs to be painted gray. In addition, consideration should be given its own internal insulation. Concrete floor slabs are considered part of the yard.

Imagine for a moment that the mass use of such houses. The economic point of view, it is possible to obtain more profit. Capacity can be set up to be a symbol of Baku konpleks. Cheap houses can be rented for the tourists, it can be used as a dormitory or artwork donated to the men, can be used as workshops street. This is also a great deal of ordinary people, as well as possible to attract tourists. Make it easy and interesting architectural point of view. Each element of the house increased, but different people have different tastes in color designing to ensure that their wishes, as well as an attractive ayrıcılıq can be found when looking at the house from outside.

– Urfan Mammadov


Finally, I would like to open plants sohbər any architectural establishment, the world’s oldest living creatures and can not be forgotten. The conversation goes on plants. They are higher and mudrikdilər so that you can avoid them, as well as global problems, as well as using them in architecture, can transform a functional element. The main purpose of the plants, to create ayrıcılıq, of course, play the role of the fence, and the interior of the shadows to add more vibrant aura purposes. For night-time illumination of the light side of the door dipcəklərdə placed rətəflərində relatively tall and small deciduous shrub-type plants, and other broadleaf plants have taken place for a natural barrier. Selected by the architect with a special love, more correctly, the project will create. However, if the plants are too busy and can not get forgotten Architecture 🙂 but I always think of nature as an architect in any case, our task is a duty, not only as an architect, as a human being, we owe a lot to nature.

– Urfan Mammadov


About Urfan Mammadov

MG_0457Urfan Mammadov is an artist and architect from Azerbaijan. He graduated at Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts with honored diploma. He had a master degree of Interior Design in Scuola Politecnica di Design, SPD. He is the first architectural blogger in Azerbaijan since 2010 and has written more than 120 articles about Architecture. He is also the founder of first architectural club in Azerbaijan and created the first architectural courses in Azerbaijan for teaching professional Architectural knowledge to students and also young architects. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.