It was a self initiated experimental project, where I wanted to show how the website of an architecture buerau or interior design studio can look. I used opportunities of modern wide screens and grids. This project will be interesting for companies with clients of a high and elite class.

I have seen many various websites devoted to architecture, interior design and have understood that it isn’t enough qualitative products. I tried to develop the easy and modern interface, fresh and elegant design. One of the freshest and trend ideas – almost invisible lines passing through of the website. They create feeling of the correct marking, arrangement of elements. People appreciate it very much in the company, engaged in architecture and interior design. Colors and typographics create the atmosphere of quality and high cost.

The main work was in Photoshop. For some elements, for example, icons, I used Illustrator.

Everything has begun with a hand. Sketches, heap of the used sheets of paper, pencils, pens. But he think that such interesting projects stand the used paper tons.

Doesn’t happen only good or only bad notes of your work. But generally the project was pleasant to many designers. The most important Spartak have solved a problem for the client and he will help it to develop. He is very glad that he have an opportunity for a demostration of the work on the different websites devoted to design. Spartak always glad to receive feedback.

At first think of people and their habits but only then about “icons and colors”.

Spartak Vee