Grate Module / Grate Table

Grate Module (GM) – is a metal module, unique design of which allows composing a few items into numerous combinations easily. The main principle of module is laconism and rhythm. There are no additional fasteners or accessories. The main product of module composing is a coffee table («Grate Table»). «GT» is a dynamic object that balances between the function of the table and sculptural installation.

At the beginning of creating any object I always do handmade sketches. I think it allows to show more creativity comparing to digital sketches. The project was made for Ukrainian contest «Transformation». According to the conditions of the contest it should be an object that might be transformed. After long process of sketching I create module, which is transformed into various objects. The shape is based on the model kit. There are two variants of production this module. First is casting of aluminium and second is making it of carbon fiber. These materials allow the module to be lighter and at the same time enough solid.

Creation Grate Table started with pencil and paper. Then stage of 3d modelling in SketchUp. During this step in a process I always realise whether this sketch deserve to exist or not. Then I converted it to 3Ds maх and make visualization in Corona renderer. In the end I made postproduction in Adobe Photoshop.

First time this project was presented in March of 2017 in Kyiv at the Transformation contest. Then it was onto the short list because of its difficulties of manufacturing. But the Grate Table has caused an interest among designers from other countries and manufacturers. Now we negotiate with one USA company about realisation of the project.

Vasyl Maletych