Guardianes de Perros

Guardianes de Perros started by conecting brands with solutions. This solutions are to help animals and wildlife.
Them, we took old tech and gave it a new use. This product has been tested in Costa Rica roads, giving us the option to save thousands of animals from going extinct. Our product Salva Faunas works with ultrasounds. At the speed of 40 miles, placed the Salva Faunas in the front of the car, the wind generates the sounds and this ones are just hear by animals. In a front distance that can achieve 300mts of noise. This noise alert the animals that a car is coming.

By selling them we share our profits with other ONGS that are working in the field, picking up animals who got hit by cars.

When you see a problem and wait for someone else solve it is ok. We are use to, there are many problems. When you see that nobody solve the issue for long time and you can do it is time to work.
We see many dead animals everyday in our streets, we had to find something affordable and usefull for our population. We improve the product every time we can, is in constant upgrade. We have many ideas to improve animal lives, because we are in the frontline of animal conservation. Thousands of dogs and cats living on the streets and hundreds of species of wild animals to protect in a very small country. Costa Rica

We had use Solidworks and Ilustrator mostly. We find the problem, we find the solution. We just had to adapt the technology that was already existing to our enviroment and test it. The world of sounds is very interesting, once we started we found the issue of sounds pollution. A big challenge that we seek to go deep. Infrasounds are the prior reason for depressions in our society, and our citys are full of it. Even growing every day. So we started with a project that helps animals and humans and it opened a door of knowledge of a bigger deal to fix. We have already some ideas to solve this. Much work to do!!!

We became viral in Costa Rica. We are working now with the goverment of Costa Rica and with private companys. People love the idea, the issue is to make them buy it. Is a new tool that was not in our market. It has become trend in the media, we are working to become trend in the market. Create or expand the project has become a road full of knowledge. We hope to soon become really sustaineable by selling many of them. We have just sell and donate around 2000 whistles in a country of a bit more than a million cars. We have plans to create more with recycled plastic picked from our rives and be even more helpfull.

By purchasing this product people help us to keep working in many different areas. We had help more than thousand families searching their lost pet. We have being prototyping 5 different products to solve other issues. We are working for a better world in a sustaineable way. Guardianes de Perros in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Juan Gabriel Sanchez Martinez

Creative Consultant