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Self-initiated illustrations

Self-initiated illustrations

Austin Hassebroek
January 27, 2019
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For these projects, I simply found something that inspires me and took it into a more graphic representation. I created these illustrations in hopes to further develop my artistic style and skill. Each of these projects were completely self driven and created by me.

A great quote from Saul Bass reads "Where do ideas come from? From looking at one thing, and seeing another." I simply saw something or myself and wanted to express that subject further by using my own specifc style. My current style that I have been experimenting with is fairly simple and somewhat geometric with smooth lines and bright colors.

I worked specifically digital on Illustrator as well as an iPad drawing app known as Procreate. Often starting on iPad making larger and simpler shapes and taking it into illustrator where I add many more details and rounded strokes. Sometimes I would also take my own pictures of subject matter which I would refer back to during the design process.

I have received positive feedback for these projects and I have also gained some commissioned projects from people seeking their own graphic in my similar style. I learned that I enjoy a simpler style but I still want to explore further. More specifically experimenting with photoshop in the design process.

Create every day that you can! Don't think about it! Just start!

Austin Hassebroek

Graphic Designer currently based in MN. Inspired by nature and pop culture.

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