Helmet Lighting

Helmet is the lighting collection which consists of table lamps and chandeliers. Astronaut helmet become the inspiration of this collection.
This lighting can fit into the interior of classic, contemporary or vintage stylistic.
You can create sets of lamp, combines different colors, size or length of cord.

In the childhood we dreamed to be astronauts and to explore the cosmic space. This set can remind you about big dreams and
scale people in the world.
Lamps are made of two types of glass (clear and white opal) and metal.
Collection has variety of three colors (materials): black metal, polished brass and polished stainless steel.

We sterted of hand sketches. First of all we decided on the sizes and materials and next step was modeling shape of lamps.
Concept was developing in SketchUp. For creation and visualization this collection used 3dsMax+Corona Render.
For prototype was used plastic.

Many designers have good reviews of this collection and use them in your projects.
From this work we understood that inspiration for objects we can find in the another professions and industries.We are learned combined metal with glass and scale one concept on the different types of lighting.

Alexandra Rudenko