House 516

Spanning 678 sq. ft., House 516 is a open plan living space that flows from within outward. The home follows a clean geometrical design and a strong sense of landscape that permeates every aspect of the living space.
Green design has been incorporated into every corner of the home. The ambience is one of openness, flow, lightness and function
Well planned zones have been created with a clear dynamic between formal, informal and private spaces without the separation of walls
Interiors have been finished in raw concrete with pastel accents and pockets of green. The color scheme blends with nature for uniformity of aesthetics
Clear and seamless harmony between interiors and exteriors carries calmness without conflict
Customised stylish Scandinavian furniture in light wood, is crafted to fit into the scheme of the home
Seamless and no grills
The open plan dining cum kitchen space looks onto a wooden floor patio one one side, and opens towards the lower floor on the other
Ample cross ventilation and large glass-fronted doors allow natural light and air to freely flow

The client’s were keen on the idea of contemporary clean lines, green accents and Scandinavian design ideologies. We had multiple sit down discussions and tried accommodating all the facilities what they’d asked for. Green landscape and excellent ventilation were the key elements that they’d asked for.
So we attempted to bring to life what the client had envisioned.

– Exposed concrete
– Brick Jali
– Butterfly roof
– Light textured wood

From Concepts, Brain storming, Multiple discussions to Auto cad drafting , visualizing on 3dsmax, rendering on Photoshop. This was our first residential project and we wanted it to stand out from the rest of buildings on the streetscape. Through clean lines, butterfly roof and contemporary minimalistic approach we were able to do the same, especially in an Indian streetscape context.

The clients( a chef and a nutritionist) loved the cosiness and compact ability of the space. ” Every corner of the house is a visual treat ” is what they told us and client’s satisfaction is the ultimate joy.

Level 1: A vast, open, green living area doubles up as a family room
Level 2: Spacious kitchen and dining areas cater to the homeowner’s passions of cooking and food and are crafted integral to the house. This is the family hub around which family and guests catch up over food and conversations
Level 3: Two spacious bedroom areas with well appointed furniture and discreet nooks are designed away from the home’s central hub

Studio Gritt

Studio Gritt is our design universe, a place where our ideas are born, discussed, rejected, reborn and become real. It is a space where we work as a community, on a common floor, on common ground. Where life and form is infused into your furniture, spaces and products.