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Hub Cafeteria / Visual Identity

Hub Cafeteria / Visual Identity

David Silva
September 6, 2021
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Located in Minas Gerais, Hub Cafeteria was born with the purpose of being different from local and traditional coffee shops, with a welcoming environment full of innovation. After a thorough analysis, we developed a modern visual identity that connects every touch point within the brand. That way, we could fully prepare the brand for the cafeteria market.

Our challenge was to translate the client's needs to a young and demanding audience. This audience is concerned about having a welcoming space, which can share happy and joyful moments with friends and, at the same time, an environment where they can work and generate new connections. Therefore, the brand needed to demonstrate its values, without neglecting its visual appeal.

We chose to visually translate the concept developed for the brand, through an icon in the shape of a “cup”. This represents the coffee, which, in turn, is a constant presence in any work environment. We also use an element at the top of the logo, which mentions the smoke of hot coffee and the coffee bean. In short, a brand creation that better reflects our client's close personality.

Given his position, investing in a new identity represented an opportunity to dare and do something the industry is not used to seeing. Something cozy and fun, bringing the brand closer to the human-centered world of consumer brands. The vibrant color palette and elegant typeface combine to give the brand a lively and dynamic feel, yet with credibility.​​​​​​​

We use Adobe Illustrator to create the graphic pieces and Adobe InDesign to create the menu, along with a photographic camera to record the photos. We start with sketches on paper, and then we vectorize them in Glyps and finally, give life to the project.

This space offers products that help the community to take care of their health through healthy and affordable food, with the idea of ​​contributing to the customers' lifestyles, Hub Cafeteria increases its services and offers other products on its menu. Most of the local coffee shops were recognized as a “bakery”, in which they had a limited menu. Our second challenge was to attract the public to get to know and try tasty foods in a cafeteria, which in addition to serving excellent coffees, were offered executive lunches in order to attend. For this, we took some photographs of the dishes on the spot as a way of publicizing.​​​​​​​

David Silva

Founder and Designer at Estúdio Kuumba, a studio governed by three principles: The passion for creating a great brand, or appetite for challenging work and the excitement of new projects. Projects that will make customers happy.

With strategy and a lot of study, it creates important and relevant brands for small companies.

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