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Carlos Henrique Silva
February 6, 2018
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Creation of phrase or logos, where they show somehow that the letters are in the logo or in the symbol sharpening the person's look, and making the logos interactive. The project aims to awaken another point of view in containing the letters in the logo.

I always liked logos where they somehow show the object or the letters inserted in it, thus making it in a free way. The palette of colors and material is adaptable as in digital or printed media. The choice of colors is relative to the simple but sophisticated object.

It all started on paper with some rough, and then vectorization and looking for fonts where it could be adaptable. Throughout the creation process, I saw that I had other possibilities of testing the colors and finding the ones that would fit the design.

People have had a positive reaction, and the Vanessa Interior Design logo is currently being used by her. I learned that it is possible to put the typography in the logos and give meaning to it, one of the projects that I liked to do.

Carlos Henrique Silva

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