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Minimalist logo for cafe

Minimalist logo for cafe

Marijana Ivkovic Ivandekic
January 31, 2020

Coretto caffee is a coffee shop in Serbia. Caffè corretto an Italian beverage, consisting of a shot of espresso with a small amount of liquor, usually grappa, and sometimes sambuca or brandy. The café is modern in style and yet has a touch of elegance and simplicity.

The branding of the whole coffee shop is still in progress, but I started from how the future coffee shop is described by the owners, how they see it, and what group it is intended for, and so I came to the style, colors and typography. Each logo should be simple and responsive to both white and black backgrounds, as well as fit into something more "mature", which is the case here.

It all starts with research. Hours and hours of exploring the group, the competition and the meaning of color and style. We are not even aware of how much psychology is in graphic design, more specifically in branding.
After identifying the color palette for the brand, I found the typography for this project, then the paper and pen and logo, before moving it all to Illustrator.

So far, he has received praise, a positive effect on the people who saw him, as well as on the target group, which is important in this case. This logo is also on social networks, Instagram, Facebook as well as Behance. Everyone responded very well, I got the invitation to be posted here on, which I really appreciate!

I just want to tell everyone who works as a designer that if they look at it from the perspective of a future user of that product or service, they just imagine for a moment that they think, that design, in this case the logo, will not be a mistake.

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Marijana Ivkovic Ivandekic

I do branding for the company, Professional Graphic Designer, and visual creator on Social Media based in Serbia, with more than 5 years of experience. I can help you with:
- Branding of company (color palette, typografy, )
- Infographic
- Social Media graphics
- Logo Design
- Brochure, Flyers, Baners
- Business card
- Poster, invitations

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