Hushh Stewards by Rosie Gopaul

Our featured artist’s assignment was to brand and make packaging for soap product. She used the iconic Owls for the package illustration which looks and fits really well in the brand’s identity. Read on and enjoy the art set!

Hushh Stewards Soapery is a soap packaging project featuring five mythical goddesses who claim their own sacred steward to conceal private love lives, fortunes, and tragedies. A bar of soap is offered as a cleansing solution to freshen up of any burden, while paired with a key as a symbolic take-away.

– Rosie Gopaul


It captures the essence of indulging in a quiet bath or a glass of wine with your closest, and trusted, caretaker. The goal is to bring each individual package to life and with substance; fulfilling on many levels. Each box is illustrated after iconic owls who are historically paired with their deity.

– Rosie Gopaul


Research is a big component to concept development. The assignment was to brand and package simple household items. First, I found small vintage keys I thought I would package as jewelry, but it wasn’t enough. How much packaging does a necklace really need?

– Rosie Gopaul


I brainstormed and researched what keys symbolize, which led to reading multiple stories on owl symbolism — gatekeepers and protectors — all which happened to relate to five ancient female deities who had an owl of their own.

– Rosie Gopaul


Each goddess had a secret to hide. That’s where it all came together, I felt owls were a great analogy to a relaxing bath, where it is a place of peace, relaxation and trust. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for this project. My advise to aspiring artists is to research, sketch and explore.

– Rosie Gopaul


Rosie Gopaul is a full-time lead designer by day & freelance designer by night. Her areas of interest are in brand and identity, concept, print, web and typography. She’s a hands-on, creative that comes with a prolific imagination.

See more of her artworks on Behance and her website.