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ICONIST Identity

ICONIST Identity

Gergo Boganyi
October 24, 2016
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ICONIST is a stylist company for personal and fashion advice and guidance. ICONIST deals with company image development as well. Our mission is to improve the individual style and appearance of a person or a company to support their success. Márta Gábor stylist associates her long years experience in marketing and advertisement with her knowledge as stylist using the methods of international style institutes. She and her professional staff gives wide-ranging advice in style, make-up and fashion up to full range company image development.

Usually I work very close with my clients, Márta started to tell me about her future plans and vision, she decided to change almost everything around herself, Iconist is a kind of new start for her. The name ICONIST requires something very emblematic and simple logo solution. I was sure I'll use the letter "I" and add something archaic to. I ended up with an elegant mix of an "I" and an old greek capital.

After all these the style and color was almost obvious, it has to be elegant and luxurious.

Our goal was to create a high-end identity, so we decided at the very beginning that we'll use gold foil, silk screen printing and quality paper.
I designed all the elements, than we set up a meeting with a printing studio, to choose all final colors and paper together.

The project became public just last week, so its afterlife is at the beginning, I hope it will be successful and will reach people internationally.

I got kind compliments from other designers and a few new clients, whose were interested to work with me.

Gergo Boganyi

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