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EA Concrete Logo Design

EA Concrete Logo Design

Mayra Ortiz
October 22, 2018

Logo makeover for EA Concrete. The concrete business was expanding and the owner wanted their identity to live up to the great services their company provided. It was my goal to deliver and portray just that starting with creating their trademark. From research, to sketching and into Adobe Illustrator, I designed a logo that not only was modern and masculine (since it's in the construction field), but was able to create a symbol that incorporated geometrically the initials of the owner. EA Concrete can continue to standout even more within all the other concrete companies in the South East.

To revive the previous logo and made sure it stood out from among the other concrete companies, I had to look up their competition. To be honest, having a sleek modern logo design for a construction company is rare. There are few construction businesses that actually do that. Therefore, making a modern logo was easy, but making sure it looked like a logo that belonged to a construction company was another thing. When I think of concrete, the words rough, strong, sharp, and geometric came to mind. The simplicity and uniqueness of the logo allows the logo to stand on its own and can easily be incorporated into other promotional items.

As mentioned before, after doing research, it was time to let all my ideas spill out on paper. Since I wanted the logo to look geometric, I played around with the grid form to sketch out the logo. I was between using a square or a triangle, but the triangle made it easier to incorporate the initials that needed to be used. Out of all the sketches, I came down to 4, which I brought to Adobe Illustrator to design. After revisions and feedback with the client, we came down to a logo that will best suit their target audience and will kick off their business to a fresh-new start.

Out of all the logos I've created, I've received more compliments/likes from this logo. It was easy for me to know exactly why that was the case. Presentation and process is everything. Showing my sketching process and showing the elements implemented in the logo, helped it catch the eyes of many. What the people want is feel educated to improve their own design process and that is exactly what I learned from doing this project and I will continue to implement this to my future design projects.

No, I think I said it all in the previous text boxes.

Mayra Ortiz

I'm a driven and creative graphic designer with over 8 years of experience in print, logo, and identity design.

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