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Icosa Lamp

Icosa Lamp

Designlibero Libero + Ekaterina
December 16, 2016
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This gem shaped lamp combines the passion for model making with 3D printing technologies. Standard wooden sticks, easily found in DIY stores, are connected together by 3D printed joints. This is a 3D puzzle turning into an amazing design object. ICOSA can be a floor, table or ceiling lamp.

The lamp is a part of the collection, called: DESIGN 3.0 / Hybrid Production that experiments new forms of hybrid production where designers become the producers of their ideas, bypassing traditional production and distribution systems. The process consists in a series of self-produced objects built with a system of 3D printed joints and some easily found elements made out of wood or plastic.

combines a 3D printing technology and a DIY passion. Standard wooden sticks, which can be easily found in DIY stores, connected together with 3D printed joints. The lamp is a kind of a 3D puzzle for adults that once compounded becomes a useful design object.

Icosa is not just a simple lamp. Being a “do-it-yourself” object, Icosa is a kind of a 3D puzzle for adults, which awakens creativity and makes your brain and hands working… Once composed it becomes a useful and attractive design item.

Icosa can be used as a floor, table or ceiling lamp. A clear, see-through structure makes it suitable for every interior.

designlibero Libero + Ekaterina

DesignLibero is a dynamic design studio with a fresh approach to creative solutions. It’s based in Milan, Italy, one of the world’s most vibrant hubs for innovative and groundbreaking ideas. DesignLibero is all about perfecting the interaction between form and function where the user’s needs, lifestyle and tastes are at the heart of it all. Our work pivots around four fundamental pillars: observation, innovation, functionality and environmental conscience. These principles have guided our work on international projects in the fields of: retail, office, hospitality, residential and product design. We draw inspiration from a vast mix of trends, ranging from the most bizarre and advanced to more conventional and tangible. This sapient blend of stimuli comes together, enhanced by our professionalism, to leave our clients amazed. Creating new emotions and exciting experiences is what we do.

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