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Jazz Band Branding

Jazz Band Branding

Martin Smith
January 22, 2019
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As a self-proclaimed “almost musician”, I prefer – as most would – commissions that combine passion and profession. I love working on designs for musicians. The UK is home to a diverse, collaborative and newly confident jazz scene, Juke Street are a classic jazz and swing quartet with a modern twist. The project focused on a redesign of an existing concept of a neon sign.

Initially sketching and experimenting with word form and hand lettering fonts lead to the final result. Expanding on the neon tubing concept leant well to the hand lettering style of the finished piece. By creating the full logo in strokes and curves allowed for further experimentation digitally and for the logo to be created as a neon sign.

Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo. Through experimentation I opted to create each individual element in strokes to keep the project live. From there I periodically created multiple Artboards, this allowed me to go back to any previous section of the refinement process. Always in black and white with the same stoke width. This allowed me to have a live vector version for any future print work which I could also adapt into a digital version with any neon lighting effects. I achieved this by duplicating colour stroke overlays adding a Gaussian blur to layer the neon sign effect. Highlights were added utilising transparency overlays to manipulate existing colour.

The new identity evolves an existing concept that is born out of fresh experimentalism, vibrant enough to brighten up any stage. This leaves room for future exploration in posters, signage, brochures, advertisements and other promotions with potential to expand the logo into digital formats.

Martin Smith

Martin Smith is a Graphic Designer living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

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