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Jordan + Lily

Jordan + Lily

Linda Rose
September 25, 2018
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Jordan & Lily have been in love since kindergarden. They dated in middle school, through high school and college. They got engaged on a family trip to Mexico and are now married, I had the honour of shooting an engagement session with them, their first ever photoshoot and a few days ago shot their wedding day.

Originally it was meant to be a golden hour shoot but due to traffic they came in time for blue hour. We also were originally meant to shoot in a massive park but due to how late things were running I changed the location to the lakeshore across the road, this would eliminate shadows and any chance of blurry shots.

I used a Canon DSLR camera, model T6i. I used a mix of my filler lens and a Canon 50mm lens. I shot on manual mode and automatic when it got slightly darker, again to eliminate any blurry shots as much as possible.

The couple and all who know they were so over the moon with how the portraits turned out! They loved my work so much they hired me on to do their wedding.

I learned that last minute adapting (location change) is always understandable by clients when it comes to working with natural lighting.

Linda Rose

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