Kokomo Coffee Packaging

Packaging and postage stamps for Kokomo Coffee’s African and South American blends. Designed in collaboration with UK illustrator Ryan Chapman. Designed as a modular system to avoid high production costs and leftovers. Besides necessary information the only visual elements are stamps representing coffee’s country of origin.

Kokomo is a small coffee Roastery in based in Tallinn, Estonia. Their raw product is transported from around the globe, much like a postage parcel, it is then marked and “delivered” to the end consumer. Both the client and us wanted to keep the design modular and simple: one base-label can fit all different sizes and weights of the packaging. Postage stamps are used to mark the country of origin and the roasting date.

A combination of custom-ordered stamps, a punch cutter, stickers, and some other various tools. We are still working on perfecting the edge of the stamps, we are still working on new illustrations and other small details to drive the idea further.

Besides winning a national design award for the project, we learned a lot about stamps and mailing parcels, and also about great coffee. Most importantly we found out that there is no superior way of preparing coffee, there is, however superior coffee, the one with stamps.