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Squigglepig Beer Design

Squigglepig Beer Design

Megan Bogard
March 11, 2019
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This was a personal project based on an initial idea of combining my illustration with package design. First, I came up with the name of the beer, Squigglepig, and created a logo for it. From there, I wanted to illustrate a colorful package design that would give off a friendly vibe.

To create this design, I pulled from a few areas of inspiration. First, the name, Squigglepig. It's actually the nickname that I gave to my dog, so that made it easy! I love typography, and creating logos based on purposeful typography and carefully selected fonts. Next came the vision for the look and feel of the can. I created it with a bit of inspiration from a recent trip to Hawaii. As the sun would set in the evening, I noticed the way the silhouettes of the mountains, and the vegetation would gradate from dark to light, almost meting into the bright color of the sky as the sun set behind it. I was able to create the illustration by combining that picture saved in my memory, along with vibrant colors, that I've been wanting to experiment with together. I've always enjoyed illustration, you can create any world that you can imagine with it. Lastly, my inspiration to create a beer can is from my recent fascination with label design in the food and beverage market. There are so many talented designers out there doing such great things that really catch my eye, it made me want to give it a go myself!

I started this project with a pencil and a sketchpad. I needed to create a bit of the scene I had in my head. I worked with some water color markers to blend different colors together. From there I kept the initial drawing in mind, and started from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. I created the logo, and then I hand drew all of the Illustration with the pen tool. Then I translated everything to the can using Adobe Dimension.

It's early on, but so far, I've received such a positive response. I'm always so grateful for those that give constructive feedback, as it's a necessity to continue to grow. I think what I learned from this project is that I need to continue to create more. I had honestly hit a bit of a lull where I wasn't creating as much. I was focused on my day job, and wasn't taking the time to continue to focus on my passion. This project was energizing, and made me realize the importance of working on projects like this that I truly enjoy.

Megan Bogard

I'm a designer based out of Denver, Colorado. For the past 15 years my main area of focus and expertise has been in credit card design, offset printing and manufacturing. Aside from my focus in card design, I love to continue to create design and illustration for other areas. For me, it's refreshing to keep a wide variety of projects!

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