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Illustrated Zodiac Signs Oracle

Illustrated Zodiac Signs Oracle

Naomi Fajardo
August 13, 2021

I designed the 12 signs of the zodiac based on the archetypes of each one.

To have a more accurate starting point, I divided the signs depending on the elements that govern them, so there were 4 groups, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. And to each element assign a distinctive symbol, a star for the fire ones, flower for the earth ones, butterflys for the air ones and lastly a moon for the water ones. Once I'd have that I chose a palete color for each element group.

At first I sketch the main caracterits of each zodiac sign, I mainly draw the face of each one, then I elaborate more each one, I think the hardest thing of this part was chosing the clothes they'll be using. After the clean sketch was done I took a photo and uploaud it in photoshop, then I just trace it and add the colors, that was the easiest part.

People were super exited to see how their zodiac sign would look, I received a lot of ansious messages of them waiting.
I think the most valuable leason was that patience and perseverance are super important to accomplice my proyects, and also that there's nothing wrong with erasing your work and starting again to accomplish a better resut.

Don't wait to be experts to start your proyects.

Naomi Fajardo

Hi, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Mexico. My work is full of color and femenine figures, I love to draw the mystical things of the world and also the cotidiana moments of life.

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