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¡HOLA! //  illustrated lettering

¡HOLA! // illustrated lettering

Erik Gonzalez
October 15, 2018
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Illustrated lettering of the word "¡HOLA!" (HELLO in Spanish).

Spanish is the official language in Mexico, so I decided to illustrate it with representative elements of the Mexican culture.

The challenge was to generate a piece representing Mexico with this universal word as a base, so I decided to make a kind of collage illustrated with many things very representative of Mexico, some very popular and others not so much.

In addition to using simplicity as a main resource to get many people to recognize most of the elements. From architecture to axolotles, going through wrestling, natural beauties, the richness of our pre-Hispanic traditions and cultures.

I tried to represent representative characteristics of the Mexican culture, its history, architecture, nature among other things.

Mexico is a country where color is very important, it can be seen in everything our artisans, local artists, architecture, etc. generate. In this way I chose a limited color palette, but vibrant and representative.

Vector style and solid colors lend themselves very well to this style, in addition to supporting me with small dot patterns to give it some texture. Sometimes the simplest is the best (at least I think so).

For this particular piece the most interesting process was the sketching to be able to find develop the figur in a simple way, but easy to recognize; to later adapt them to the shape of the letters.

The digital development has been developed completely in adobe illustrator, I think the vectors are great and aesthetically very beautiful.

It is very nice to see that people like your work, that they are part of themselves, this is the best of the design (and of the illustration in particular), sometimes beyond the language, the color and the figures have their own meaning and transcend beyond what we as authors think.

It really is very exciting.

Each project leaves a learning and this is no exception, exploring the illustrated letters and from the simplicity of the forms generate a piece (in my opinion) very pleasing to the eye and representative of my culture leaves me very satisfied. Besides learning to use the vectors, the work of lines and the challenge of a limited color palette leave a lot in me for future projects.

Never stop creating.

Regardless of what you do, you should always be trying to do something new, be restless, be like children ... Never stop being surprised by what is around and what we can do.

Erik Gonzalez

Hello, I'm Erik Mexican designer, illustrator and lettering artist.

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