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Cortado Hall Stand

Cortado Hall Stand

Serife Altan
March 5, 2018

The Cortado coat stand is a functional product, which is designed for dressing rooms and home entrances. It provides an aesthetic space for the users to conveniently store their everyday belongings. Customizable shelves increases the interaction between users and Cortado.

It is my main goal to collect the goods that people are used when they're out and when they are at home, in a single product thus the goods become easily accessible. There were big hall stand in the old houses but now new houses are getting smaller and becomes compact. I set out to fill this space in a decorative and aesthetic way.

Due to the fact that the main design is based on geometric lines, we chose the metal for the main construction, which is a flexible and durable material. With the harmony of mat black powdered metal and solid walnut wood detail we have achieved both modern and rustic style with geometrically supported. With the mirror used in the product center, we also wanted to respond to other needs of the user.

I generally believe that good designed object process is started with hand drawings. I captured the ideal form with hatching while during draw and create. Then realized general scaling with Autocad and other software programs.

Every detail used in the production process is handmade. Special molds were prepared for the metal structure, after which the wooden parts were detailed with in these molds. The metal structure located on the shelves and the front side is cut specifically for the Cortado in laser cutting.

The reactions I got from craftsman in the construction phase were pretty good. There are many difficulties that can be encountered in the production phase of a different and single product. It progresses by molding, measuring and fixing. Detailed production drawings and well-thought-out engineering calculations made beforehand eliminate these problems. The resulting product is followed with great pleasure.

I care about to make a connection between the user and product with customizable details just like Cortado. Because of this reason, users experience their own feelings about the design and this helps them feel special. In this direction, I always get positive support from users and viewers around the world.

Serife Altan

Product Designer

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