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Furniture collection DIAMOND

Furniture collection DIAMOND

Oleh Suzdaliev
June 26, 2019

The idea is to create furniture with an interesting shape of quality materials. Different combination of furniture elements gives a great variety of combinations. Thus, each person will be able to choose the number of items that will equip his space comfortably and with taste. Spaces of various sizes, including very small rooms, can be decorated with objects from this collection.
Natural materials add sophistication and highlight style. Perfect workmanship ensures long life.

The idea came as a result of a search for interesting forms. Forms should be universal and a person could choose the desired number of items.
The company works with natural materials. The finished surface should show wood texture. Texture colour may be different as the customer wishes.

At first, there were a lot of hand sketches. So I can quickly find a lot of different ideas. Then was the discussion with the company management. By the way, we found some ideas for future collections. 3D model was made primarily for technical drawings and then visualization before prototyping.

People met the project well. People like a simple modern style. shelves can be combined both horizontally and vertically. But a complete collection requires the design of other items of furniture. People can use a minimum of items for a small room.

Oleg Suzdalev

Likes: design, splendid painting, nice drawings, modern architecture and beautiful things...
But what really matters is to create this beauty!

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