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LADA Future Vision 2040 Concept

LADA Future Vision 2040 Concept

Glorin Chiourea
December 29, 2016
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The "Lada Future Vision Concept" is a future premium autonomous vehicle, with strong focus on the general well-being and environmental sustainability. It gives answers to the future demands in the world of mobility. A personal take on the Design Contest Lada launched in 2016 with purpose of reinventing the company, aiming high and looking into the future.

New Technology, New Life, New Design Philosophy. On these 3 principles I started to plan my future vision concept. We are entering in a new era of autonomous and electric vehicles built out of exotic and clever materials already. The autonomous features will transform completely how we use our vehicles daily, especially in 2040. The interior will be the center piece of the overall design. The "Future Vision Concept" is a well connected, electric autonomous vehicle, which comes with an all glass rooftop that will offer you an uninterrupted view out, allowing you to enjoy your travelling time and experience the environment around you, especially in the city. The interior will remind you of a horse carriage layout, where people are facing each other and communicate. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The bodywork, built out of recyclable materials, has been sculpted to minimize drag and improve efficiency.

I always start with hand sketching, using pen and paper, looking for the design, deciding on the final shape of my vehicle. Then I continue with digitally rendering my final design in Photoshop with the help of a Cintiq graphic tablet, using basic soft and hard round brushes, and the pen tool paths for detailed selection. After finishing at least 3 basic vehicle views, side view; 3/4 front and 3/4 rear views, I create the final presentation board, which always includes the Initial Inspiration/Moodboard images and keywords; Description about the project; and my finalized 3 views of the vehicle.

"You have proposed interesting streamlined object. We like the simplicity of the surfaces, overall brevity and contrasting materials." feedback from Lada Design Team.
So far designers and non designers have reacted very well to this futuristic approach in person and on different social media platforms! I am very pleased with this project overall, even if it only remains on paper.

This project was very interesting yet small, completed in just 1 week. However, for the last 3 years I was lucky to work on many project, different categories, solo or in big teams. To have a better idea on how different projects are being approached visit my online projects portfolio on Behance!

Glorin Chiourea

My name is Glorin and I am a Transportation Designer.

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