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Line One. Learning about form.

Line One. Learning about form.

Paola Rocha
February 20, 2018
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This line of products was the first approach in which I had the opportunity to express the result of linear forms in amalgam with organic forms in ceramics by myself, I had a lot of support from a great master ceramicist from my city who helped me to do it possible.
I was looking for the generation of a line of products for the home that complied with a formal ornamental aspect and this was the result.

The idea came up from the experimentation with the forms, I am a lover of the contrast and that is why in the same line of products the geometry is mixed with the organic even though the linear forms stand out.
It was also important to achieve adaptability for the different contexts in which each of the pieces can be located, elements that could be distinguished from the others but retain an essential neutrality (that is why the basic and sober colors)

The most used tool was in the end my hands together with presses, a lot of plaster, lathe etc.
I use the traditional technique of casting in plaster molds, you start with the design and measurements of the pieces, a gypsum model is generated in the lathe, continue to detail the model and add the necessary elements, then you can also make the plaster mold then do the first emptying once it is completely dry (this can last a few days). Once you have several pieces continues the sponge to eliminate the remnants of the ceramic paste caused by the mold, once you dry the pieces you put them in the oven and when they come out they are ready to glaze, then they burn again and it is there when you get them the final results.

They responded very well, I began to have opportunities to show my pieces in some showrooms of independent brands in my city, Guadalajara and doing some sales on request. I've learned a lot and this has caused me to generate new personal challenges and continue experimenting with the ceramic that is what I really want to do, remove certain fears and encourage me to create with my own personal seal.
There are many more projects to carry out, a lot of community to create through alliances and teamwork and many people to learn from.
Thank you very much for giving a space to my "Line One. Learning about form".

Paola Rocha

I'm a Industrial Designer for the Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico, I'm 27 years old.
I worked on the design and manufacture process of the case Jose Cuervo 250 years Rolling Stones Edition when I was working for Garbo marroquinería.
I have some experience in furniture design and interior design.
Also in the lasts months of 2017 started with my own brand of ceramics called Amapola Cerámica, since college I knew I wanted to work with these technique but it took some time to learn about all the process, and start to make some products and "Line One, learning about form" is the first approach to the market with a line of products created by me.

I also love to read, the music, illustration, cinema and Lindy Hop.

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