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Little Love by Micaela Dawn

Little Love by Micaela Dawn

Honey Adraque
July 10, 2015
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Little Love was created for the groove-rock band; the 'Well Mannered Thieves,' for the release of their upcoming single. The idea came from playing around with animals that could represent the emotions of the characters.

I originally also illustrated their album art, which is why we worked together one again. I first was given the song to listen to, and then did pencil sketches of ideas for the illustration. Since the song 'Little Love' is about the relationship between two people, we were originally going towards human characters in the illustration, but it was feeling too much like James Bond.

- Micaela Dawn


We settled on a sketch that everyone in the band, and myself felt was best, and then I went to work on illustrating the piece in Photoshop. After the initial art was completed, we tried out several different colour combos as well, until the Thieves were happy with the artwork. It was a fantastic project to work on, since the band is an amazing group that lets me run wild with my ideas and style. It gives me the chance to experiment and push my illustrations to get something that catches the eye.

- Micaela Dawn

One comment on “Little Love by Micaela Dawn”

  1. This is a pretty cool concept art for a cover of an album. It feels a bit, I dunno... deadly? The strong will survive? True nature? The fox going to eat the rabbit and all...

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