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Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

Emilie Muszczak
March 1, 2019
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This project was the last design I did when I was working at the animation studio Tendril, before I started freelancing. They asked me to do one holiday card, to send to the partners, agencies... and an invitation for the annual holiday party of the studio.

I love Tendril. It's one big family, composed by amazing people from all around the word, and some cute dogs running around from time to time... So for this first holiday card, I wanted simply to represent my vision of this place! Happy diverse people (and dog!) celebrating and spreading some love!
The invitation, I designed it in the same mind set, it's a celebration, an invitation to get together and have a good time! The character is throwing some confettis and all in the air but also I love that she looks like she is going to give a big hug too! There was more type to integrate for this one, and as I love to design my characters with big arms, I though it was a good way to use this space to put more of the text! And I wanted to add a cute and funny little note, so the penguin and his natural class with his suit came up instantly to my mind ?

I used Photoshop. I first made a sketch of what I had in mind, I had these two ideas from the beginning with the characters and shapes. What I had to work on was more the composition, with the text that needed to be integrated. I had this really nice free type, I used before and I really like! It was perfect for this project, as it has this warm feeling, like it was written with a big brush. I hand-drawn only the part "Hey Friendrils!" ( you will probably guess, Friends + Tendril... ) because I wanted to highlight these two words and add something a bit more personal.

I had really nice comments from the people of the studio on these two illustrations! For the persons who received the holidays card, well, I can't speak for them, but I hope they liked it! This project actually inspired me and I would love to start designing more greetings cards!

It's really exciting times for me at the moment, after 4 years working in a studio, I started my personal little adventure: freelancing! So I'm really thrilled about it, and so far it has been amazing, I've worked and had contact with really nice and talented people. I'm also learning a lot, about all sides of having your own business, which is super interesting! I have a tons of projects in mind too, and I feel it's the best time for me to try to make them happen!

Emilie Muszczak

My name is Emilie Muszczak, I'm a French independant art director, illustrator and animator based in Toronto.

Design is my passion and I love playing with shapes, colors and patterns in my work. I'm also fond of any kind of Arts and Crafts (ceramic, painting, screen name it!). For me working with different mediums is a great way to find inspirations, new approaches and ideas for my art.

The projects I particularly love are the ones that open new perspectives, helps people think differently, make an impact or just have a nice story to share :)

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