Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack is a completely wood’s piece which can contain a lot of news paper. It’s very small and it can be put in every place inside a house or a post office etc… In addition there is the possibility to lie some object on it. Its base is smaller than its central body, that because I want to give him a light shape. the main thing is how it is made. It’s only a piece of a huge wood’s beam that had been worked with only a CNC machine. Infact the only operations has been the inclined cuts which offer the right space for the newspaper and a good stability what’s more you can choose any news paper from up to down easier. Another point is his material, the wood, which shows the purpose for an ecological future.

This idea was born from me and my colleague Federico Citarda according to the request as produce an object without the manpower and with rejected piece of wood. So the only tool which has been used was the numeric control machine. The style has automatically made by self. The material is wood in particular the spruce, an higth resistant wood without rings. It doesn’t have a color it take the color from the wood.

The software used for this artwork is Rhinoceros. I started with a single solid like a parallelepiped, after i used some subtraction’s tools like hole, cut, etc… than you create a file with instructions for the cnc machine, which works in an automatically way. Finally the Magazine rack is ready to some sand in the surface to remove some wood’s splinter.

I think people should improve their skills about the ecological project, because for me is the new future to save the world from the pollution. I have learnt to stay in a work’s enviroment to confront my limits with other people. Finally i have learnt the emotions when your project became reality.

Salvatore Montalto

I’m graduated in Industrial Design in Palermo. I’m 25 years old and I’m very enjoyed about this job, because it’s my passion.