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Mammoth P-71 Design by Gabriel Hantig

Mammoth P-71 Design by Gabriel Hantig

Marianne Piano
September 21, 2015

Today's treat is a project done by a 20-year old Automotive Design Student. With his passion for cars since he was 4 years old, we are surely in for a ride! Mammoth-P71 is inspired by a combination of the Mammoth animal and a jet fighter. Fasten your seatbelts and check out our Mammoth-P71 feature!

The project is done for a private company called WacoMotors. I started to work with them after I won 2nd prize on Local Motors with LM Track Fighter, and because it was something very similar, a car able to make a happy driver, fun to drive, and has a huge amount of power, etc.

- Gabriel Hantig



The P-71 is one of my best concepts that I have done so far, and I can say I am proud of how it looks, I am using almost all the time same recipe: sharp lines, aggressiveness and a lot of enthusiasm while I am working. I finished my proposal in a very short time, about 1 week, then we tried to fix all things together with the Mammoth team. Mammoth-P71, is the name given by the Mammoth team, and is inspired by the Mammoth animal (strength/heavy/force) and a jet fighter (speed, agility).

- Gabriel Hantig





I had the base from the competition that I have joined, where I have done a lot of documentation, found inspiration in a lot of things. Then the team gave me a basic layout and it was very easy for me to progress very quick with the design. After a few sleepless nights, the results were quite great, we were all satisfied about the project.
- Gabriel Hantig




Now the project is going to another level, WacoMotors has done some major changes and I want to see the car released, will be a nice feeling to know that I took part to design their base project. I have used 3DS Max, Vray and Photoshop as main softwares.

- Gabriel Hantig


Car design is everything for me now, and I am working hard to be a great designer.

- Gabriel Hantig


Gabriel Hantig is a 20-year old Automotive Design Student from Romania. He is in his 2nd year at Coventry University. "Cars" is his biggest passion, he started to sketch cars since he was 4 years old, then the big step was at 12 years old, when he decided what he wanted to do with his life. He likes to sketch a lot. He is trying to reach very high targets, and he believes we can live forever if we do amazing things. His ultimate dream is to have his own automotive company and he works real hard to make his dreams come true. At a young age, he already worked for a few companies in Romania, also for a lot of clients as a freelancer - which made him gain a lot of experience and met awesome people.

His favorite cars are Focus RS 2008, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 599xx, and BMW M4. He is the biggest fan of Fernando Alonso, a Spanish Formula One racing driver. He has 7 years of experience in 3Ds Max modelling. See more of his awesome fast lane artworks in Behance.

2 comments on “Mammoth P-71 Design by Gabriel Hantig”

  1. Dear you sir..wery interesting. What is the price complet. With aut engine/ motor. I will instaling a honda motorbike engine 6 syl. 1050 cc. Opgrating to abaut 200 hp..or maby 2 engins . All the best from denmark to day . Carsten email [email protected]

  2. This is some badass concept man.
    I am a 3d artist myself, I can relate with sleepless nights just to get the perfect look.
    Good job!

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