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Marooned by Saeed Amiri

Marooned by Saeed Amiri

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May 10, 2016
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The main scenario of this work had been formed in Saeed Amiri mind when he saw Julien Coquentin's photo collection of Black Season, and after that he started designing the details.  Saeed created a marooned place far from modern life in which living will be pleasantly simple and soothing in a way that don't experience in our daily life.

I wanted the work to be realistic and based on the photos, and then adding my own ideas and visions in its details.
-Saeed Amiri

The base idea comes to my mind when I've listened to David Gilmour's Marooned track from The Division Bell album but I didn't know what I should do! until I saw Julien Coquentin's photo set of Black Seasons, and I said that's it, it will be be marooned!
-Saeed Amiri

The base software is AutoDesk 3ds max for adding detail and another modeling I have used Pixologic Z-brush, for trees I used SpeedTree Modeler, the cloth simulation done in Marvelous Designer, Rendering lighting shading in Chaos Group V-ray, post processing and texture creation done in Adobe Photoshop.
- Saeed Amiri

The response was really good and made me good feel and people don't believe its computer generated pictures. I have learned a lot on this project because It\'s a big scene and I had some challenge to create this mossy mood.
-Saeed Amiri

About Saeed Amiri

Saeed Amiri live in Iran and graduated in architecture. He have worked in architecture and architecture visualization for 8 years. Saeed have also worked with famous and talented architects in several projects as freelancer or full time fellow. He's an experienced expert on Autodesk 3Dsmax, Chaos Group V-ray, Pixologic Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop and also work with some other software and Plugins such as Marvelous Designer, SpeedTree, etc. He really love what he does and can’t imagine himself doing another job.

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