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Modern House

Modern House

Andi Korita
June 11, 2019

The house is located on a sloped site overlooking a lake. The building is composed by two main volumes. The two story volume occupies the living spaces on the ground floor and two bedrooms and a studio on the upper floor. The one story volume hosts the master suite.

After the orientation and layout of the interior space was conceived, the enclosing volumes and the transparent layers started to take shape. The living room is open towards the southwest, lake views, pool and garden. The shading plane of the living room acts as a terrace for the upper floor, which is also shaded and kept private from uphill neighbouring houses. There is an infinity pool designed to make a better transition with the slope of the site, downgrading under its corner. So the overall resulting geometry is a combination of all the elements that define how the client wanted to experience living on this site.

The study and final 3d model were created in 3d studio Max. Photoshop was used to create and edit textures. The renderings were done with Lumion to take advantage of the software's foliage creation capabilities and its easy controll of the environment and lighting.

The design process was a good experience because of the exploration of the relationship beetween the interior and exterior space. A lot of design challenges were addressed and tested, such as the composition of the elements, light interaction with the space, creation of intimate space without compromising it from light and view, etc.

Andi Korita

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