ModuLight move system

“ModuLight move system” is a project of modular luminaires implemented in collaboration with Aquaform Lighting Solutions. The uniqueness of luminaires, based on energy-saving LED technology is based on a combination of benefits arising from their features: modularity, the possibility of controlling the light source and the option to freely adjust the luminous flux by applied in the frame mechanism. This design gives the possibility to shape the light beam and makes it easy to quickly change the interior design with the use of lighting. In addition, with the increasing number of luminaire in the composition, the effects will be amplified by the interaction of each. Another aspect is the fact that each of the fixtures will be made to order, depending on customer preference. From the list of standardized options the customer can create his own composition in version: surface, suspended or wall.

Desire for creating the modular lighting solution was a main motive for the creation of the project inspired with origami shape. The project of light luminaires upgrade the possibility of creating the expected mood in interior with the help of guidance the angle of light source through mobile application. Clear white colour, which is gentle and universal is a primary colour of covers. The casing is produced with aluminium and composite materials.

I started of course of hand sketches. Concept was developing in SolidWorks. For visualization and animations I used KeyShot. 3d printer and the milling machine was used to create many prototypes and final model was made in Aquaform Lighting Solutions factory.

I think I learnt how to implement technology trends into the products and how important is to constantly look forward. This project has an huge impact on my perception of lighting design process at present. “ModuLight move system” is my graduate diploma at the level of a bachelor’s degree. In general people respond very well to my project and I heard many positive opinions.

Klaudia Zmuda

I’m Product Designer from Poland.
I’m interested in lighting design and industrial design.
If you want to contact me: [email protected]