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#MyMashupCoke by Gwendoline Chan

#MyMashupCoke by Gwendoline Chan

Honey Adraque
July 13, 2015
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2015 is the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola contour bottle., a local production house came out the idea of “MyMashupCoke”, a mashup promo video of the contour bottle to show the variety of Malaysian Art.

The artwork can be created in the format of either still images or videos. The requirement was 3 to 5 seconds long, freestyle design with no political and religious issues and the position of the contour bottle has to be at the centre of the screen. I saw an invitation called "Call For Artists" from Glassfin and decided to accept the challenge and make my own style and design of the Coca-Cola contour bottle.

- Gwendoline Chan




I was inspired by the animation of "Counter Strike" done by Seth Eckert, who is an amazing Motion Graphic Designer. I always wanted to try mechanism and circuit design. And music is one of my interests and hobbies, so I combined these 2 elements and created the design. The design consists of a platform with all the mechanism with different kind of chips and instruments placed on top of it. The contour bottle is the heart of the music platform. The colours chosen are hues of purple to orange, which give a feeling of jazz and fun.

- Gwendoline Chan



With the help of Adobe Illustrator to illustrate and Adobe After Effects to animate, I have taken almost a month to finish the mashup video. The sketching and designing was quite a long process, as I had to make sure the overall feeling is perfect in order to proceed to animation. Thanks to my friends who have helped me a lot in providing me their opinions to improve the design. I’ve learned a lot while working on this project, especially since the limit to show everything you want the viewers to see, being only 5 seconds long. It was a blessing that I’ve made it through.

- Gwendoline Chan



The final mash-up promo video was done by Glassfin, consisting of 90 designs by 51 creative artists. It was premiered during the Malaysia 5th Annual Coca-Cola Collectors Fair on the 9th of May, 2015 in Berjaya Timesquare, Kuala Lumpur. I am glad and happy to be one of the collaborators for this video alongside other amazing artists.

- Gwendoline Chan



About Gwendoline Chan

Gwendoline Chan is a designer who always have passion, determination and motivation in achieving goals. A creative learner who is diligent and willing to learn. A dreamer who seek for inspirations in life to broaden imagination and thinking. A music lover for both classical and modern. And lastly, a nature lover especially flowers. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or website.

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