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Ovata brand identity design

Ovata brand identity design

Sleem ali
December 12, 2022
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Ovata is a manufacturer of healthy gluten-free and sugar-free sweets and baked goods that mainly relies on almond flour as an alternative to white flour.

Since it is a healthy bakery, the brand was thought of and we concluded that almond flour is the most appropriate idea for designing the logo and combining it with the letter o, as it is a healthy gluten-free flour.
The colors were chosen from almond colors to create a distinctive color harmony

With the Adobe Illustrator program, the brand and its accessories were made from the components of the visual identity and packaging
The presentation and mockup were designed using Adobe Photoshop

Many of my friends, clients, and followers liked the letter o and the formation of the letter a

I would like to thank you for the brand
I wish you more success

sleem ali

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