Planetary Bodies

A personal project consisting of a repeat pattern and 6 individual prints. This project was created with product design in mind and was a great way to combine my new interest in pattern design with my love of figure drawing.

I like to see repeat patterns on bags and clothing. In particular, I love patterns that are made up of human figures instead of abstract shapes, but it is somewhat uncommon to find such patterns. So, one day I decided to make for myself the kind of pattern that I would want to see on clothing and other products.

The idea for this pattern originally came from my sketchbook, which I fill with gesture/figure drawings everyday. When I am sketching these figures I try to fit several on a page and constantly change the orientation of the sketchbook; I don’t draw backgrounds or cast-shadows.

The result is pages of human figures just…floating in space. They are so close together yet they do not interact. They are isolated bodies, planetary bodies.

The figures were mostly sketched on my iPad in Sketchbook Pro, then rendered in Photoshop using Kyle T. Webster digital brushes.

First, I sketched the figures separately, then arranged the sketches in Photoshop while using the Offset filter until I liked how they fit together. Once I knew it would work, I rendered each body separately in their own .psd file. Next, I flattened each body and placed them together into the pattern file. Finally, I added the splashy background and star and planet doodles while continually using Offset to check that the pattern was seamless and felt balanced.

Unfortunately I do not have a large social media following yet, so I have only had a few responses.

However, what feedback I did receive was very positive. =)

I learned that sketching most of the elements separately made the process more time consuming. In the future it would be better to simply sketch all elements in the same document–especially since I want my next pattern to be more continuous with overlapping and integrated forms.

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Lindsey Deets

Lindsey Deets is a freelance Illustrator based in Orange County, California.

She enjoys exploring and celebrating the diversity of the human figure in all shapes and colors. Her childhood obsession with Japanese animation still influences her whimsical and colorful style today.

In 2010 Lindsey graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BFA in Illustration and a BA in Japanese.

She has been freelancing in mobile and console games since 2011 and has recently transitioned to commercial and editorial illustration.