Summer Fashion Editorial portfolio collaboration between Dominican Fashion & Portrait photographer Mariela Feliz Fernandez, model Iman Mariah for Anti Model Management, make up artist Dana Arcidy and wardrobe stylist Simone Thompson, assistance by Gabriella Espaillat. Over 6 beautiful looks created at the end of July in one hot morning.

The idea was brought up by model Iman Mariah during the Summer of 2017, on a warm afternoon in New York, she reached out to me with the idea and the team (makeup artist & wardrobe stylist), back and forth we kept getting in contact to make sure we were all on the same page, I was absolutely in love with the idea from the start, so I just trusted the process. She gave me the opportunity of working with talented beautiful women and create an elegant set of photography work. We wanted to reach another level together, while maintaining the clean simple summer look with warm trendy compositions.

I photograph all my work with my camera, Nikon D7000 and mainly use my 30mm or 50mm lenses. I then, to review and select my work through Adobe Bridge, then proceed to retouch my work with Adobe Photoshop and Alien Skin.

I was so nervous to release this body of work! It’s something new for me and I’m striving to keep on getting better. Everyone loved it, me, the team, the magazines and all our audiences combined! We submitted our work to various magazines and recently got published on the 2017 September Issue of Pump Magazine. I learnt that simplicity and beauty are the main go to’s of the now.

If it’s your passion, give it your all.
Trust yourself and your skills.
Create magic.

Mariela Feliz Fernandez

Internationally Published Photographer.