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Reconstruction of the Dynamo Stadium (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Reconstruction of the Dynamo Stadium (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Alex Kutsalo
July 1, 2016
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Dynamo Stadium named after Valeriy Lobanovsky is situated in the inner city and currently doesn’t meet the requirements of buildings with sports purpose. Reconstruction works are necessary in order to improve the efficiency of stadium use. According to the custom order, it must be a stadium of a multifunctional purpose.

The idea was to create something new. And this ideology adhered to the customers. We have analyzed the situation and modern stadiums constructed in accordance with the world architectural decisions. The stadium is to be designed and reconstructed during more than 5 years and 10 years respectively; materials must meet the time and technology requirements. We have tried to combine the very best materials, namely, strong, safe, eco-friendly and at the same time economical. We understand that the construction of such a facility is very costly and requires a lot of resources, because the choice of materials must also meet the customer’s conditions.

Archicad (BIM), 3ds max, Photoshop
First, we have analyzed multifunctional stadiums existing in the world. It is worth working on the idea and a new vision of the stadium according to the objectives stated by the customer. Following the current situation we have set up in the model archicad and study of architectural solutions. As a result, we have moved to 3d max for the final picture.

Now totally different opinions on this matter exist. Some people really like the idea, some firmly reject it. This solution is a prestage of the architectural design, because we have to gather all the opinions and to implement the project for the further work. But the project has no analogues in Ukraine and is possible if the situation in the country and in the world permits. This new vision of the stadium is general. Now the stadium is in poor condition, and the problem should be definitely solved.

Alex Kutsalo

Alex Kutsalo is an architect and a designer, graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture , winner of international competitions, Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

"I have a dream that, times of sporadic architecture and tasteless decorations will finally irrevocably pass away. Architecture is my life, my chance to decorate and transform our world. In my work, I always try to move away from cliches and banalities. Seeing happy faces of people, who are glad about their new home or interior, I understand, that I'm on the right way. To be a good architect - is not enough just to be able to draw or to get a professional education, it is important to have the sense of taste, world view and experience. My main secret is, is that in every creation I lend my soul and a piece of myself ".

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  1. Wow! Its a great find here! Very nice design and concept! I will give this a thumbs up! I like it! :)

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