Risky City featuring Evelyn Sinclair

“Risky City” is an ongoing series. Essentially it’s models wearing lingerie in public. But there’s more to it then that. We kind of put ourselves out there getting these shots. People around us are more aware of what’s going on during these shoots. They actually pay attention. There are such things as models and photographers in the city, and they do work for a living.

It was sort of a last minute thing, as most of my shoots are. I don’t really like things to be set in stone as it limits my creative flow. I was working with a buddy filming my promo vid so I needed a model to get some good footage . I contacted one that have worked with in the past, and then the idea sort of just popped into my head as we were discussing what type of shoot we wanted.

As always I have my trusty Nikon D300 by my side at every shoot. Haven’t had a need to upgrade, and honestly I would buy another body if this one failed at some point (might get the 300s though). For the beginning of the shoot I was using a 55-200 lens so as to have a little more space between us and let the film guy do his thing. But as the shoot went on I switched to a 50mm 1.8 and rolled with that. I’m always a hands on guy, so I didn’t mind having to move/climb to get the shot.

Afterwards I imported everything to Lightroom and worked my magic there. I don’t use any other programs for editing.

So far I’ve had positive feedback from the initial set of images from this series. I’m hoping more models will want to participate, and I’m sure they will. If I learned anything it would be that photographers/models definitely work in the shadows haha. Honestly I can’t recall many instances where I’ve seen a shoot taking place in a public setting.

Whatever you do… eat before a shoot. You’ll regret it before and after if you don’t haha.

Lee Santos

Photographer specializing in Portraits, Commercial and Fashion. I want each image I create to spur the viewers imagination, and leave them wanting more.