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RRJ House

RRJ House

Tiago Casini
April 4, 2022
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This work is focused on creating beatiful images to show the study of design for a renewal of an existing house in Brazil. The house is placed on a natural terrain with a beatiful view of the lake and forest at the bottom of the valley. The challenge of this project was to accurately place the house on the existing terrain and show the surrounding vegetation and beatiful view.

This work is a petition for a recognized and growing architeture firm in Brazil. I was approached by the architects to create beatiful images that show the renewal of an existing house on the terrain as accurately as possible. In order to do so I had a lot of image references of the surrounding vegetation and view of a lake and forest in the bottom of the valley in front of the house. The idea for the materials and colors of the interior and exterior design was all defined by the architecture firm's design team so I had to stick to the project as much as I could. This is great because It leaves me more time to focus on the surroundings, vegetation and lighting of the project which was the main goal of the images petitioned.

I work in completely in Blender for all my projects. Usually for this client they send me the design already completed in 3D made in ArchiCAD and with the interior design in SketchUP. So I usually take this SKP file, import it in Blender and do a small cleanup process just to make the file as simple and usable as possible. After the cleanup I proceed to remodel everything architecture and specially the terrain since SKP and archicad files doesn't have a good topology to work. Then, I start to apply the materials, usually, along with the 3D design the clients send me a small ppt file to show references for the materials they thought in the design so I mainly stick with the references for materializing the project. For the lighting of this images it depends on what mood I like to achieve, sometimes I use an HDRI but mainly for my latest projects I've been using the Sky Texture to light because it gives me more control on the sun and shadows and it does a pretty good job. The cameras are already defined by the clients because they think about what they want to show on the design and how many images they want on the contract, so usually I stick to those defined but I make some very small changes just to improve on the composition and alignment of some verticals from the render. If I have time and the dealine isn't very tight, sometimes I add some more cameras to show more details of the project and take more artistic photos of the project, this is something that a I like a lot to do because I feel like I'm in the site with a camera and taking nice photos of the beatiful architecture. For the post production I mostly work on Photoshop only to ajust some colors and contrast and to add a sky and specially in this project the images for the view of the valley.

I think people liked the project. Now looking at it I wish I had more time to work on it and improve little things but it turned out very nice and I believe that it showed accuratelly the design study that was what the clients wanted.

Tiago Casini

3D artist and architect from Brazil working with architecture visualization for many years.

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