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Artem Belousko
March 29, 2017

This design project was developed by our studio for a young family. The total area of ​​the apartment is 87 square meters. The object is located in Kharkov, Ukraine.Our goal was to create a modern apartment with an open space and the most comfortable for members of the whole family. Light space should interact with color accents in the form of decor and furniture.

The emphasis is on natural materials - wood, ceramics, bricks.
The kitchen and dining area is a large part of the space, as in their spare time they like to gather, communicate and cook. This part includes a constant movement. The lounge area is quite compact, there is a roomy sofa near the TV.
Bedrooms are made as calm and functional as possible.

We use for work: 3dmax - modeling, Corona render - visualization, Photoshop - postprocessing. It was necessary to achieve the cold white light, so we used HDRI map. Setting the frame and composition was also important in creating images. The process was quite interesting for us.

I hope you will appreciate the project. Each project is individual, it is an experience for us that we will use in the future.
We constantly learn and improve our qualities both in design and in visualization. Will be glad to hear your comments.

Artem Belousko

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