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São Saúde - Visual Identity

São Saúde - Visual Identity

Ítalo Sanches
August 5, 2022
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São Saúde is a specialty medical clinic, focused on providing B2B services (small and medium-sized companies).
Accessibility, effective solutions, ethics, safety and variety of services offered are the main differentials of the São Saúde clinic.

São Saúde - Unlimited well-being!

The main idea behind the development of the brand was longevity, an affordable form of health care, care for a better life for all. The minimalist style represents the brand's concept, as well as the meticulously chosen colors and typography, which were based on studies of Color Psychology and Typographic Archetypes inspired by Jung.

The project started with sketches made on paper, moving on to Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom. The logo idea came from the brand's initials, combining the infinity symbol and minimalist representations of the clinic's members and areas, representing cardinal points in the company's structure.

The project received immediate approval from customers. During the meeting, several ideas presented were well received, with the green light for the developments and applications of the brand, both in the signage of the clinic environments, as well as in support materials, uniforms, gifts, stationery, etc.

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Ítalo Sanches

I am passionate about Design and its influences in the world. I always seek to improve my knowledge, add meaning, content and different views to my work. I use references from the most respected specialists, from the most varied areas of Design, to the most classic and recent sources of World Pop Culture, Literature, Science and Biomimicry to achieve my results and overcome challenges.

I have extensive experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dimension, Fuse and other Adobe family programs. Augmented Reality concepts through Adobe Aero, Spark AR Studio and ZapWorks Studio are also part of my skills as a designer.

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