SHAPES – Metal Cable Holder | Elegant desk accessories

SHAPES are aesthetically pleasing metal figures which are designed to hold cables and wires.
SHAPES – made of high-quality and reliable material – brass. We have created in three colors – silver, gold, rose gold.
They help to organize workspace, are addition to home decor and make the interior a little more elegant and modern.
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Our team has always been inspired by minimalism, aesthetics, simplicity and functionality. We love to create beautiful and useful solutions. This is our desire. We wanted to create a real elegant and luxurious cable holder – and we did. We use high-quality material – brass. We also appreciate Apple gadgets and choose a color suitable for that: silver, gold, rose gold, get black(new).

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, After Effects, and more software. Our history can not be told briefly. We developed the idea, created sketches. We began to engage in the production of prototypes, create product options and choose the best. Then do a comprehensive preparation of project and campaign on Kickstarter. After hard work, we were placed on the platform and began to implement our idea and product.

People who really love the aesthetics and elegance – supports our product on Kickstarter. As we are constantly improving it. We had a great and thorough work. We made a lot of changes and amendments to the project. Improving every aspect of the campaign. But even after the launch, we have learned a lot, gained invaluable experience and have not ceased to improve the product.

Please support our project on Kickstarter. You may have time to buy early bird yet and help open new color!
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Roman Buts

Co-founder in D’one