In this project, I try telling stories and thoughts through silhouette photography and some photo manipulations using the same elements and colors to maintain a certain vibe for all artworks but yet they tell different stories. Hope that you enjoy it

I make these artworks to illustrate a thought or a story of something happened to me or someone I know. It’s a challenge for me to illustrate a sensation or a story using sunsets, silhouettes, seascapes and clouds as elements. I play with different shades of blues and pinks in these artworks. For me, blues represent sadness and distress and pinks represent hope or maybe happiness sometimes. Each artwork has its own idea and title.

I mostly use my mobile camera to take photos to work with. But I used my camera taking the raw photos for some of the artworks in this project. I work with Adobe photoshop then apply final filters using Vscocam before posting.

People seem to like my style and I really like that people can actually relate to the artworks I make and feel them. This is my 4th silhouettes project and I believe that this is the best one I made so far in this series because I learn from each artwork I make.

Hussam Eissa

I was born in Saudi Arabia to Egyptian parents at 9 Feb 1996. I live in Alexandria,Egypt. I’m an Engineering student and I do freelance jobs.
I started photography in early 2014 when I got a phone with a good quality camera. I’m still using my mobile phone camera. My major accomplishments are that I made lots of artworks used as book covers or album covers just by using my mobile camera.