Silo Photography

I had an amazing opportunity to independently create/design an identity for a group of photographers who specialize in shooting weddings and engagements. They needed an visual identity for their business due to the amount of clients they were receiving every month. All photographs and videos were taken by Michael Shon and Simon Kang.

I did not necessarily want the overall identity to reflect the typical feeling of “wedding” organizations; therefore, instead of using a serif typeface as a main type for this typographic identity, I utilized san serif to make the identity feel more contemporary, clean, and simple. I extensively researched the feature of the camera as well its functionality. I was initially inspired by the idea of “capturing the moment through the lens” and wanted to translate that idea into a typographic form using the “O” from the name Silo. I was also fascinated by how diverse and various photographic aspect ratios there are depending on the types of camera. For example, there are (1:1), (5:4), (4:3), (3:2), (5:3), and many more. I wanted to take advantage of its diversity and decided to utilize that idea to add flexibility/adaptability to this typographic identity.

I mainly used Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. I utilized Adobe Illustrator to initially create a logo mark because I had to make few adjustments to the letters and figure out a define system of this identity. After finalizing the logo, I immediately moved onto Photoshop to create all the environmental mock-ups to see how the logo lives in the real life situation. After, I moved onto After Effects to create a logo animation and to visually demonstrate one of the strengths of the identity for Silo Photography — flexibility and adaptability. Lastly, I utilized Indesign to design an editorial piece called “Portfolio”. I wanted this editorial to serve mainly as a look book for the clients to see in the future to decide the style and direction that they want the photographers to take.

I’ve gotten a lot of love and support from a lot of people from all over the world through Behance. Through independently working on this identity project, I’ve learned to come up with good concepts and to translate that into a concrete visual form more effectively.

Thanks for the love and support and stay tuned for more projects!

Brian Cho

Brian Cho is a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently studying at ArtCenter College of Design with a focus on brand identity and editorial design. His projects are highly type-driven, conceptual, and have unique concepts and approaches. Today, he believes in a future where the digital and physical space interplay seamlessly through design.​​​​​​ Recently, he unveiled his first official branding work for British Film Institute which can be now found on Behance.