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TACT Male Grooming Kit

TACT Male Grooming Kit

Jack Levell
September 1, 2018

The TACT Male Grooming Kit was designed to have an improved product life span, without producing a negative effect on social, economic or environmental sustainability. The approach taken, was to design a male grooming kit that focuses on building a long lasting connection through emotionally durable materials, such as concrete, that not only last due to material strength but can physically change with the user over a prolonged use of time as the eroding material adapts to how the owner uses it. This deep personal connection is strengthened through the daily ritual performed by the owner, as an enjoyable and effortless shaving experience is possible with the skills honed using the classic safety razor.

The concept of using 'male grooming' as the focus for improving product longevity, came about when researching what products are inherently, most important, in people's lives. The notion of one's 'daily ritual' became a central importance, as it relates to our own self brand and how important it is when projecting ourselves out into the world. So 'male grooming' was an ideal choice as it is about maintaining one's self therefore having the necessity for a life long investment.
Another important aspect of the product is time itself. All the chosen materials of the TACT Male Grooming Kit are intended to change and adapt over time, creating unique personal items for the owner to take pride in. Both materials will begin to visualize a physical representation of product longevity as the concrete forms will soften and a beautiful patina will develop on the brass components, emphasizing the uniqueness of each owner.

For the TACT Male Grooming Kit, both 3-D digital models and real physical models were created. The digital ones being created in Solidworks and rendered with Photoview 360 to produce the images as realistically as possible.
The physical models were made to look how they would be manufactured in real life out of concrete, most likely through a concrete casting process. But for these purposes the models were 3-D printed then painted to create a concrete and brass effect.

The response to my project so far has been positive and I hope this feature continues in that same vein. I learnt a lot from this project as it helped me in developing and completing my graduation major project needed to succeed in finishing my design degree at university.

The TACT Male Grooming Kit was designed to inspire a deep personal connection though the enjoyment of ritual, ownership and honing a life-long skill utilizing the family of products that age over time.

Jack Levell

I am a (BA) HONS Product Design graduate from Sheffield Hallam University. I’m an extremely driven and self-motivated designer who thrives on new challenges and gaining knowledge within my chosen field. I have a true passion for design and the need to improve lives through beneficial consumer goods. I enjoy working independently or as part of a group. I'm currently seeking a career focused on product design that is both creatively stimulating and rewarding for the development of my own skills.

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