Terracotta Tray Trables

The tray tables are made of terracotta a local ceramic in a range of colors, and the legs are made of steel. The collection includes tables in various heights.

I love ceramics in general especially terracotta. I wanted to express the material in a form that will show off it’s aesthetic potential.

– Sergio Barba

I started experimenting in various forms doing some 1:1 models. The final model was made in wood using CNC. Then after may errors, finally the first table came out the oven.

– Sergio Barba

There was a one month exhibition and people was really interested mostly in the final form and in the final composition.

– Sergio Barba

About Sergio Barba

I’m Mexican design student currently in my last bachelor’s year. I had experimented with furniture and ceramics mostly. I exhibited in Wanted Design 2015 New York with a the collective called La Tlapaleria. I’m still looking to continue experimenting I’m driven by forms and materials trying to mix them to create a satisfying compositions.