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The Cottage

The Cottage

Dalia Safar
August 9, 2022
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The Cottage began as an exploration of modeling and visualizing tools in 3Ds Max and then became a design of a place for relief

It is my first time using 3Ds Max, I was watching a short workshop on an interior scene visualization that Ander Alencar made
So, I started with the interior scene, I was exploring the modeling and rendering tools in 3Ds Max and I was burnt out that is when The Cottage came to my mind.
I just came up with a place I wanted to be in at that moment.
This is why I chose a simple style of a cottage in the woods with breathtaking scenes.

The Software is 3Ds Max for modeling and Corona Renderer for rendering.
I started with the bedroom scene, I wasn't planning to make the cottage at the time.
I used 3D Models of the bedroom from CGMOOD website
After I was finished with the bedroom, I wanted to do an exterior scene as well so I designed The Cottage and made the landscape.

They liked the design and the mood, and I was told it's a really good 1st attempt in 3Ds Max.
I learned a lot, as it's my first time using the software whether it's 3Ds Max or Corona Renderer.

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Dalia Safar

Illustrator - Environment Artist - Occasional Architect

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