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The Jefferson

The Jefferson

Quinn Morrissette
January 21, 2018

The Jefferson is a high-top table with a square top, perfect for bars or other social spaces. A piece of New Hampshire white birch supports the glass top leaving the core of the tree exposed. This piece is a part of Atelier Morrissette's line of custom furniture.

The idea came about while on a snowshoeing expedition in December. I was having a conversation with a friend while leaned against a birch tree, and the inspiration came. The frame is made of carbon steel and was designed as a breakdown unit for easy shipping and assembly. The black frame accentuates the streaks in the bark and the vertical supports let the wood capture the viewer's attention.

Traditional and not-so traditional metalworking techniques were used in the making of this piece. The frame was all custom fabrication. The birch was harvested from the woods of New Hampshire and low profile acorn nuts were used to secure the frame.

This is a new release for our furniture line and people have been ecstatic over our continued use of natural elements contrasted against metal. We plan to bring more of this juxtaposition in future designs and experiment with new shapes and materials.

If you like this piece, please head over to where you can see more of our studio's work. All designs are custom, and we are open to new projects if you have ideas that need to be brought to life.

Quinn Morrissette

Industrial Design studio specializing in handcrafted metalwork. Manufacturing fireplace surrounds, furniture, and other custom home decor.

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