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The Loft

The Loft

Petr Valicek
October 14, 2016
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Well, this was kind of a training in Arch-Viz rather than designing some interior, but after all I ended up with some concept for this kind of space. At the beginning I started with this lofty space and the bed in the center and than i started "filling it up".

This whole space was meant to be a bedroom in the first place, but than it developed to more extended range of living-space. I felt it would be nice to add areas for work and relax (mainly reading) and also add some storage. Because I really like design commodes I choose some I like and placed them beside walls (where else?:)) They are mainly for aesthetics and of course practical purposes there, but the one beside staircase serves also as workplace. As oposite there is a spot with armchair from Alvar Aalto (Artek) for evening relax with the book. Another part of project was lighting. For all lights I choose retro-looking lamps and bulbs and also create light sources for ambient lighting. Overall, main materials and look tend to be more of a rustical or retro style, instead of modern sleek minimalism.

I used 3ds Max for modeling/texturing of all main objects and Corona for rendering. As said before, main purpose was to train arch-viz skills, and in this particular scene it was lighting. As you can see whole scene is lit only by small windows and i choose to use HDRi as main light source. As a bonus for my training I try to model all other stuff I would like to add, such as all the lights and commodes.

Overall respond is quite possitive and poeple seems to like it, so I would like to create some more projects of this type in my spare time and share it with other design enthusiasts ? Anyway I think the main reason behind this project attention is use of really nice single design pieces putted together.

Sorry for my crappy english :)

Petr Valicek

Im Arch-Viz freelancer based in Brno, Czech Republic.

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