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Abdullah alallah
May 15, 2019
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What do you do to improve your self? Challenge yourself in places that you know you're not that good at, for example, if you think you're not that good with corona +3Dsmax? How about you do every project you accept in these applications? Anyway enough talking, tried to get more comfortable with the rendering of foliage and wet floors and also dusks.

I was actually sitting outside on a site visit and imagined what would happen if I can change the whole formation of the site and add my own foliage and vegetation, the whole scene lined up in my head and once I went back home I went straight to working on it. after a couple of rendered scenes with different lighting and skies, the sky I chose felt like it would fit like a glove. and the materials of the scene had to be rough and rugged to be equalized by the softness of the planting material in use.

and for software, I use Sketchup Pro dominantly in my 3D Designs since its the app I used ever since I was a landscape architecture student and even before, but even though its an amazing app for modeling architectural stuff Sketchup Pro isn't really that good with handling large polygons or highly detailed models (the planting and car in this case), so after modeling the overall composition and model in Sketchup I'd export the model to 3DsMax and I use 3DsMax to Edit my model and clean it up and also for texturing and rendering I use Corona 3 Render engine. I truly love Corona Compared to any other render engine due to the simplicity of it and the ease of use and rendering speeds also. Taking me almost 15 mins per render with 35 passes with Denoiser on.and with a dash of post-processing with Luminar the scene looked more alive. And models: Planting (3Dsky and MaxTree) Car: (EverMotion) Lighting: (Model+Model)

Well I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues about this scene, and we were discussing the lighting and he gave me some tips and tricks about how to improve on my reflections and lighting and also composition wise for my next scenes. and my followers on Instagram actually loved this scene more than others, which raised the question on when will I start doing lectures and behind the scenes of my works, and to that I would gladly start doing more behind the scenes and more HowToDos (Attached a couple of Different types of lighting that I tried)

I would really love to tell my readers to never give up on their passion, and that I would have never gotten to this level if I haven't kept challenging myself with more and more complex scenes on my own. and even though I'm pleased with how this scene turned out, there's always room for improvements and that there is never a finishing point in the design. and as always (stay hungry, stay foolish)

abdullah alallah

a landscape architect that is really interested in 3D art since I use it in my architectural renders, I'm Usually playing around in freelancing in architectural vis/ architectural and landscape design and product designing and rendering, Check my Instagram for more up to date updates and also preferable contact.

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