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Flekkerfjord Concept visitor centre

Flekkerfjord Concept visitor centre

Yarko Kushta
June 4, 2018
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Flekkerfjord Concept visitor centre is futuristic architecture concept made as a visual presentation in CG graphics and matte-painting technics In those images, I showed a future architecture interacted with nature and technologies. Wavy form shape building stand on the waterfall retreat.
Fstorm render chose as main with matte-painting, just a perfect combination to create artwork images combining those 2 technics.

The main idea of project images is based on the interaction between futurist technologies add traveling lifestyle. The shape of the building interacts with landscape nature with spectacular views of Norway.
Main building shape has wavy organic form stayed on waterfall retreat, showing in this project how technology and futurism may fit with cliffs and nature with mountain view. It’s a piece of shelter to get hide in and enjoy.

FSTORM RENDER Used to create renderings that would exactly use with matte-painting technics

QUIXEL MEGASCANS Perfect assets for landscapes, rocks, and vegetation used with QUIXEL surfaces to create ground and water landscape parts

Multiscatter Distribution of assets may come perfect with the multiscatter tool in combination with FSTORM

MATTE-PAINTING These technics used in case of VRAM rendering limitations, it helps to create a beautiful piece of atmosphere with layers combining

Well, it's the first time I've been using matte-painting technics and 3d renders, it's digital artist perfect combo for creating large detailed images.
When you're working with lot's of layers from raw renders and photos and trying them fit together, finding a right light, balance between mood and final vision of look, that's really challenging you.

I adding for you guys a specially video making off...

Most of the people thinking that magic of creation great artworks and 3d graphics render or artworks is in Photoshop. Believe me, that's not right, Everything is coming from inside thinking, mind and what's exactly you produce... Everybody has it, they just don't realise or don't understand it.
The software is only a tool, an idea and making from those tools that's tha main point.

Yarko Kushta

Designer CG artist,
graphic and interior and designer ◦ artdirector
Founder of OUUM

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